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Bob (Robert Humphrey-Taylor) is leading the excavations at Mellor Mill.
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Bob's Mill Diary - June 13, 2011

I put in a four hour session with the digger at the wheel pit today.   I have managed to clear a lot of the debris from the slope leading to the tunnel entrance and evened out a safe pathway from near the road (good enough for wheelbarrows etc) to the entrance to the tunnel.   It may be worth considering some hardcore/ gravel to help prevent the entrance slope becoming muddy in times of rain.   There is a bit of bad news and that is that there has been another dumping of used tyres but this time they are all in the bottom of the pit so they will have to be cleared as well as the existing rubbish/ spoil.

I hope to be able to do a similar stint there tomorrow.

Bob's Mill Diary - May 5, 2011 Bob e-mailed John Hearle

Wellington wheelpit in May 2011.Hi John,

That is really good news.   I'll speak with my man (excavator) next week after I return from a weekend on Jersey.  We are away in France from 21st - 31st May so the earliest I can meet up will be Wednesday 1st June.  Is it possible to change our site meeting until then?

kind regards,


Bob's Mill Diary - May 1, 2011

In April 2011, the Trust was awarded £15,000 from the Association for Industrial Archeology, which with £5,000 from the Trust will be used to uncover the Wellington wheelpit for public view. Bob tells the story of the wheelpit, the continuing excavations in front of the mill and the bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to open up the whole of Oldknow's industrial complex. The early entries are mostly taken from e-mails to John and Ann Hearle and later to Chris Walters as webmaster.

Wellington Wheel Pit March 2011 Wellington Wheel Pit March 2011
Wellington Wheel Pit in March 2011