Bob's Mellor Mill Diary

Bob (Robert Humphrey-Taylor) is leading the excavations at Mellor Mill.
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Bob's Mill Diary - November 21, 2012, to Rachel

Please find attached a map of the Mill area on which I have indicated the three areas we will sub-divide the site into for recording purposes.  A being the Mill itself, B the Ancillary buildings and C Mellor Lodge and the Bridge.

Are either of you down on site tomorrow?  I will be there with a digger and dumper.

Areas of the Oldknow ComplexAreas of the Oldknow complex:
A: Mellor Mill.
B: Waterloo wheel pit, workshops, gasworks, stables.
C: Oldknow’s mansion – Mellor Lodge.

Bob's Mill Diary - November 17, 2012, to Rachel

I have been working on some Mill Dimensions which should help us pinpoint where to open up next  to map the footprint.  It isn't easy to be very accurate as the zoomed in lines of the OS map are nearly half a metre across!!  Anyway it will put us more or less in the correct area of our next point to be excavated.

I have also worked out some rough distances from the mill to some of the ancillary buildings down by the river where we will need to put in some test trenches to confirm their positions during the development phase.  Weather permitting we should be able to start that fairly soon.

Mill PlanMill Plan.

Bob's Mill Diary - November 16, 2012

We seem to have made "yet another" significant discovery.  We have what appears to be the 'Fire Pit' for the system which would have heated the damp air in the Wheel Pit Cellar to drive it up the hollow centre(s) of the spiral staircase(s).  Any chance of you coming down over the weekend to help in the "informed guess" process? I would really appreciate it if either or both of you can. A couple of pictures attached.

The fire pit The fire pit
The fire pit.

Bob's Mill Diary - September 22, 2012

Work on the tunnel.Richard has been working to try and get down to the floor of the Waterloo driveshaft tunnel.  

Finally today, with the help of Explorer Scouts from Bolton, his spade scraped on the smooth paving slabs on the floor of the tunnel. 

It is a tough job as the only way to clear the tunnel is bucket by bucket.